Exhibitions and artworks

For the last two years I paint several series about:

"Be still and know" about the importance of silence and rest to face your inner world.
"Femal Archetypes" about what we can learn from the femal characters in our life. 
"Soulportraits" about the diversity of feelings, emotions and find that inner strenght and power we all have.

Exhibition Milan & Fuerteventura MADS Gallery Art

November 19 & December 2021

It’s a real honour for me to be part of the exhibition at M.A.D.S. Galery in Milan and Fuerteventura. Ten artworks will be present at this exhibition. More information about this innovative art gallery?

Exhibition Hamburg, Germany 30 July – 25 August 2021

Opening exhibition at Marziart Galerie Internationale.

Big Summer Girls 2021

Paintings mixed media on woodpanel 200 x 122 cm
These girls need some place to shine 🙂 but also available as Fine Art Prints.

Original Artworks

Sold Artwork

The100dayproject2021 Impression

Artists from all over the world participate in #the100dayproject. Each day a portrait was my challenge. A wonderful time to discover, improve and develop my intuitive portraitpainting and connect with other artists world wide.

Clip Danny Vera “Spark a Fire”

Een bijzonder uitstapje naar een andere tak van sport. In april mocht ik het achtergrond decor maken voor de clip van Danny Vera. Film – en fotografiebedrijf Set Vexy produceerde de video. Het werden heel veel sterren op heel veel doek!

De videoclip kun je hier bekijken.

Foto Set Vexy
Foto Set Vexy