News and Exhibitions

September 2022 Kunstroute Hoevelaken

In het weekend van 24 en 25 september 2022 vindt de Kunstroute in Hoevelaken plaats. Samen met Gretha Wassing (sculpturen, beeldhouwwerken) zijn mijn schilderijen te zien in haar atelier in Hoevelaken.

Hier lees je alle informatie. Van harte welkom!

Luxembourg ArtFair 16th – 18th September

Rome “Little Flashes of Light”

The artworks, a trilogy, that will be part of this exhibtion, is about “The process of Growth”. The seed of something new, is mostly hidden in the dark. The feeling there is something happening, something new is coming up. You need to nourish it. Make room and space for it, so it can grow!

These paintings will be exhibited in Rome. Three small paintings, 30 x 30 cm.

2022 – 2023 One Year Collaboration Monat Gallery Madrid

Grateful to be part of a one year collaboration with Monat Gallery in Madrid. Three artworks will be part of a groupsexhibtion and they will be represented at the international art fair in Luxembourg, 16th – 18th of September 2022. More information you can find here.